Apr 20

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Feb 3

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Jan 11

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Dec 7

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Jul 30

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Jul 18

Jade loves watching man peeing

She came to me in an exotic dancer bar. She wants to make me feel happy after a long day at work. She likes to dance and I propose her to dance for me under the rain like in Flash dance! The bar was closing so I invited her to continue the party at my home and she found what kind of rain I was talking about. I give her a big stream in her face and mouth and she liked it!

Jun 3

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May 22

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Feb 26

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Dec 11

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Sep 25

Sabrina starring in this peeing post

One evening Nick and I were drinking beer at a motel when a tight woman knocks on the door. What could possibly happen when she asks us to go pee in our toilet? Oops, our toilet was broken so we invited her to pee in front of us. Like a few girls, she wasn't able to at first, but we helped her. Watch how! Enter here and join for crazy peeing action on video!!

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Aug 20

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Jun 19

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Jun 6

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May 17

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