May 12

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Apr 30

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Dec 20

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Nov 25

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Amateur girl with red hair wearing a rather oddlooking outfit walks into the bathroom. She opens it up and pulls her white panties down and sits on the toiletbowl. The cameraguy zooms in on her pussy and although she has had a cleanshaven pussy, it has started to grow some stubble already. She starts to piss and the noise the pee makes when it hits the water is lovely. She doesn't wipe her pussy at all, she just pulls her panties up, zips her shirt and flushes the toilet.

Apr 8

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Oct 17

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Cute brownhaired girl in a brown top and brown skirt. She takes off her top, exposing her small perky breasts before taking her skirt off. She's smiling to the camera while she peels it off. After that it's only her black panties that cover her sweet, tight body, but she takes those off as well. When the girl is completely naked, she squats over the toilet bowl and starts to urinate. The camera zooms right in, and after a while of waiting the golden juices starts to flow from her meaty pussy. When all done, she wipes her pussy and smiles to the camera. Click here to get access to all of our exclusive videos now!!

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Aug 11

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Blackhaired girl enjoying a drink in a black dress. She has her legs spread apart and you can tell she's wearing pink panties. She starts to undress, and firstly you get to enjoy her perky breasts before she takes her red pantes off as well. She has a beautifully shaved pussy which she starts to fondle. She spreads her lips apart and pisses on to the floor with quite a strong flow. The cameraguy zooms in on the action and the sound of the piss hitting the floor is awesome. The girl blows the camera a kiss before the video ends.

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A shorthaired girl in a pink top and pink pants. She takes her pants off before removing her top as well. She has nice natural boobies. This girl is rather obviously an amateur, she seems a bit unsure about what to do. Well, she squats over the toilet bowl, however she has not removed her panties. And her hand is blocking the view in the beginning. She just pulled the panties aside to pee, but soon she takes them off completely and changes position. This is a rather peculiar view to pissing, a ‘doggystyle' view. Nice I have to admit though.